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blueprint $100k-a-month THE By Yahya Bakkar How a Crazy Social Media Experiment Made Me and My Clients Over 5 Million Dollars In Less Than a Year (Without Funnels, Ads or a Big Following) THEN THIS IS THE BLUEPRINT FOR YOU reach out to my team and I here. If you don’t have a high-ticket offer yet, now is the time to change that. Don’t know where to start? Just We’ll help. ...who's great at what you do, you have a high-ticket offer and you’re ready to scale your client business to $100k+ per month organically, without funnels, ads or a huge following... If you’re a coach, consultant, or course creator... THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 2 THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 3 If you’re like most of my clients, you’re probably wasting your time doing one of the following: selling low-ticket programs, creating membership sites, writing a book, buying a bunch of courses and never completing them, or launching a podcast because you see every online guru and influencer doing that. It doesn’t matter if you currently only make $5,000, $10,000 or even $25,000 every month. that you’re about to learn is the simplest, and one of the most effective ways to scale your business much faster. Why? Because a lot of what you've been taught to grow your client business is complicated and difficult. Do you feel lost, overwhelmed and confused about what to do next? I hope this blueprint convinces you to simplify your approach so you can amplify your results. The 3-Step Social Media Selling System™ THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 3 Many people think they “need a funnel” Well, the reality is it can take weeks to put together a funnel. Then you have to integrate it with a bunch of different software and websites. And it might not even convert! And if you’ve ever tried to write, edit and record a video sales letter or a webinar… you know it can take weeks… sometimes, months to get that up and running. Again, with no guarantee that it will actually make you money. Then, of course, you have to write and build all the ad campaigns... THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 5 And all too often you’ll wake up in the morning with your ads disapproved, with no explanation. Sometimes even your entire ad account will be disabled. For NO obvious reason. It’s a stressful rollercoaster where your fate is in the hands of software and ad companies. But let’s say you don’t do it all by yourself and you hire a digital marketing agency to do it all for you instead. Here’s the reality.... Hiring a company to build funnels and run ads for you won’t always work right away Why? Well for two reasons. First, it takes a lot of time and money to test to see what will work. Second, an agency can’t fix your messaging and offering problems. THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 4 3-Step Social Media Selling System™. any platform Anyone who tells you otherwise doesn’t have your best interest in mind. But I’ve found a better option. I call it the This system works on because it’s based on the principles of human connection. As I said earlier, you don’t need to waste your time trying to build a big following, creating complicated funnels or spending more money on ads... THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 7 The 3-Step Social Media Selling System is an organic strategy  That means you don’t have to spend more money to make it work… it’s free. It just requires your own social media account with WiFi access and a phone. All you need to do is post magnetic content consistently, connect with everyone who engages with you and then get on a phone call to have a conversation. That’s it. “It can’t be that simple. Plus, what if organic posting doesn’t work because of all the algorithm changes and what not?” Look, if you’re thinking organic content strategies are slow and ineffective, you're right. Most of them are. Now, I know what you’re thinking.... THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 8 3-Step Social Media Selling System™ It was for me. But my approach is totally different because it relies on creating MAGNETIC content that CONVERTS strangers into buyers FAST. Once you learn this, you’ll be able to attract high-level clients on any platform, every day, regardless of what the “algorithm” is doing. The is what I used to consistently earn $100k a month… without ads, funnels, websites, blogs or any of that stuff. Now, for many of you, earning $100k a month might be a lot of money. Today, I no longer think that because something happened that changed my entire perception… A wild experiment that unexpectedly led me to earning more money than I ever had before in my life while impacting more lives than I’ve ever thought possible... THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 9 I was sitting on the couch with my wife Kate who was six months pregnant at the time, waiting for the ball to drop on TV to celebrate New Year's. And it all started on December 31st, 2017 at 11:40 PM "Why don't I create a video a day for the next year?" A random thought mixed with a gut feeling took over me and I had a crazy idea... helped hundreds of coaches, consultants and course creators earn millions of dollars in extra income without huge followings or any paid advertising. Little did I know, this crazy social media experiment would lead to a simple, effective system that has now And the system works like clockwork, as you can see below... $31,500 WITH 1 CLIENT $10,416 WITH 1 CLIENT $178,000 IN 3 DAYS $107,000 in 12 days JOE DILLON Joe Dillon made $107,000 in 12 days using this system. Now, his network is filling up with other high-level real estate investors and wholesalers... Real Estate Coach I was hesitant to join but i 10x’ed my ROI and made $107,000 in 12 days.   THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 14 It used to take me 3 hours to shoot a 3-minute video. The reason why I did this was because for the last three years I was trying to figure out this whole online business thing. Like you, I was trying to grow my client business and social media was the main vehicle I used. I’d shoot videos every week but it was a lot harder than I thought. ⠀ I don't know what it is about being on camera, but for whatever reason, it felt awkward and took too damn long. That doesn’t even include the time it took to edit and upload it. ⠀ I know that might be hard to believe considering that I made a living for 8 years straight speaking to thousands of people on stages but... Getting on camera was a completely different beast. Instead of complaining about it, I just decided to show up. THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 15 He had a digital marketing agency at the time and was good at shooting and editing videos. ⠀ I said, “Hey bro, I’m gonna do a 365 video-a-day challenge starting tomorrow. I need someone to shoot and edit the videos. You in?” At 11:42 pm I called Abe, who’s one of my best friends... ...and is now the creative director on my team. THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 10 That’s the funny thing about experiments. All we had was a goal and a commitment to see this through because we were crazy enough to trust the process. ⠀ ⠀ It requires a certain level of blind faith. Who would’ve thought that I would discover a formula that would make me and my clients millions of dollars in less than a year… without all the complicated bells and whistles that every online guru was saying that you’d need to succeed online? And in true Abe fashion, without asking any questions he said, “Sure. Let’s do it.” ⠀ That’s how it all began. We had no plan, no strategy, no blueprint whatsoever. THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 17 That formula came down to three things: In the next few pages, I’m going to tell you exactly what each of these are and specifically how you can start using them today. Those are the 3 steps to landing high-paying, high-quality clients without ads or funnels. 1. which magically helps you attract the right people to pay attention to you while repelling the people who aren’t going to even pay you. The Magnetic Content Matrix™ which instantly creates a bond with your audience by making them feel like they matter and that they’re not just another follower or number. 2. The 7 Message Connection Script™ which easily makes your enrollment process feel effortless without all the pushiness and manipulation that’s found in most sales strategies. 3. The GPS Conversation Framework™ You don’t need a large audience for this to work. You can apply this in any niche, any market, any industry as long as you have a solution or a service that can actually solve a tangible, measurable and specific problem. Another thing… I know I sound like a broken record by now but I want to make sure you don’t let your excuses get in the way from making the income and impact you want. I know people with millions of followers who are broke because they don’t know this system. And I have clients with small followings who make A LOT of money using the 3-step system you’re about to learn. Don’t believe me? See for yourself... Do what I’m about to show you here and... In the next few pages, I’ll reveal exactly how. You’ll make way more money while impacting more lives. THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 18 $42,000 IN 1 MONTH $120,000 IN 3 DAYS $700,000 IN 5 MONTHS $87,000 in HER FIRST WEEK Cayla Craft Cayla Craft made $87,000 in her first week of launching her new offer by implementing what we showed her. She quickly broke out of her little circle and her influence is now becoming more well-known by a much larger audience... Mompreneur I made $87,000 in my first week of launching my new program.   STEP 1 CREATE MAGNETIC CONTENT THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 24 incredibly powerful…. any To be clear, I don’t suggest you shoot 365 videos a year unless you want content fatigue, more stress and less hair But when I shot all those videos I discovered something Sometimes I would post content which would get a lot of engagement but I wouldn’t get clients from it. Then, I tried something different. Something that others said was dumb. I focused on LESS ENGAGEMENT. That might sound counterintuitive but hear me out. Would you rather have 1,000 likes per post, 100 comments and zero clients? Or would you rather have 10 likes per post and 8 out of those 10 likes become high-end clients of yours? The Magnetic Content Matrix that Magically Attracts Clients No Matter the Size of Your Audience  THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 25 The answer is obvious. My point is, less is more. Quality over quantity. Value is greater than volume. Once I made this simple shift in my content, I got less overall engagement. But it got me way more clients. That’s when I realized it didn’t matter how many likes or comments a post got. What mattered was the QUALITY of who was liking or commenting. This is why… I have clients that make a lot of money with very small audiences… because they understand what I’m about to teach you. You do not need a big following $100,000 IN 60 DAYS WITH 0 PAID ADS $25,600 IN 1 WEEK $13,600 IN 1 WEEK $400,000 IN 3 MONTHS Nicholas Long Nicholas Long, a family man who started two 8-figure businesses but was still relatively unknown, has now made over $400,000 in revenue since joining our program. 8-Figure Serial Entrepreneur Within the first 30 days I brought in over $60,000 in coaching revenue.   THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 30 Wouldn’t it be easier to hit your revenue goals? Magnetic Content Matrix™ If every time you posted, you had 5 high-quality potential clients engaging with your content… That’s what the can help you achieve. (And if you’ve never had someone go from liking a post to becoming a paying client within 24 hours… then you’re gonna love Step 2 and Step 3 of this Blueprint) It’s an almost “formulaic” approach to creating Magnetic Content that easily attracts engagement from ideal clients — no matter how big or small your audience is. Without further ado... Allow me to introduce you to... PAGE 31 THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint The magnetic ConteNt MatriX The Magnetic Content Matrix™ is like a recipe... Authenticity Authority Income Influence Character (Know) Credibility (Trust) Conversion (Buy) Connection (Like) M  Magnetic Content attracts the right people and repels the wrong people from your world. Magnetic Content Matrix™ When you mix these types of content, IN EXACTLY THE RIGHT AMOUNTS, it's almost magical how powerfully it draws your crowd towards you and bonds them to you – and that's why I call it Magnetic Content. Ever hear the phrase, “If someone is going to buy from you, they have to know, like and trust you?” That’s exactly what the does for you. And I discovered that Magnetic Content boils down to these four types of content: Character, Connection, Credibility, and Conversion. Need more help? Reach out here I got the right people to know me. I shared my beliefs, worldviews, and values with everyone unapologetically in a way that showcased the real me. I stopped pretending to be someone I wasn’t. Character content I got the right people to like me. I revealed personal information that was at times very vulnerable for me to share. Sometimes I cried. Sometimes I laughed. Sometimes I got angry. I was human and relatable. Connection content I got the right people to trust me. I talked about marketing, branding and sales strategies that could improve someone's business and help them get faster results by sharing testimonials from my clients. Credibility content I got the right people who wanted to buy from me. And I offered my services to my audience in a non-sleazy or pushy way that was focused on adding tangible value to them. If I knew I could help them I did what ever I could to serve them. Conversion content THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 36 Here’s how I recommend you get this implemented right away... 1. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Grab a notebook and pen. We’re going to brainstorm content ideas. 2. Write down 10 things that most people don’t know about you. The goal here is to pick a story for each thing but make the story relevant to your ideal client. It doesn’t have to be about business, but it should be about YOU in a context that they can relate to. Remember, your story should serve your audience. Make it relevant to them. 3. Character Content: Jot down something vulnerable and authentic that feels a little edgy or scary to share. Talk about something that you’re either ashamed or afraid to admit about yourself in public, then share the lesson from it. You’ll be amazed at how many people will resonate with what you say. The more personal it is, the more universal it becomes. 4. Connection Content: THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 37 Find a specific result that you’ve helped a past client achieve. If you don’t have a client yet, what have you personally achieved? Did your client lose 31lbs in 3 months? That’s a . Did a client quit their job after you helped them launch their new career? That’s a . What have you done in a short amount of time? That’s a . Demonstrate your expertise and authority here. Someone saying they felt “great” after working with you isn’t a result. It’s a feeling. Credibility Content: result result result Post results, not feelings. 5. THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 38 Offer something of value to your audience and tell them what you want them to do next. What should they do after watching your video or reading your post? Most people have a hard time getting clients because they forget to offer their services or tell their audience what to do next. If you don’t lead, they won’t follow. Just be clear. Say or write “Download now, Buy, DM me, comment below, reach out, share this with a friend etc. Conversion content leads to more conversations. More conversations leads to more clients. Conversion Content: (more on that in step 3) 6. Take these content ideas and turn them into actual posts over the next week. I suggest you do a video for each piece of content. As for the social media platform, choose where your ideal audience would hang out the most. It could be on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Youtube. 7. THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 39 That’s when Step 2 comes in. These may seem simple... and they are. Most people are over-complicating everything, which is why they don’t make as much money as they could be. Post AT LEAST one of each over the next week. And when people begin to engage with your posts… STEP 2 BUIld instant connections THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 41 So, I started creating all this content... they want to connect with you. ...and little by little people began commenting. It wasn’t a lot of likes and comments, but it was enough for me to know I was making a difference. And in the past, when someone commented, I wouldn’t do anything. I’d pat myself on the back and say, “Oh yeah, cool. People like my content!” I was just giving a presentation, I wasn't creating a connection that could lead to a conversation. And surprise, surprise… I wasn’t getting as many clients as I knew I could. That's when I realized people don't want to just watch your content… And if you’re not making connections with them, there’s no way for a business relationship to ever form. The 7 Message Script That Pre-Qualifies Your Prospects By Creating Deeper Engagement THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 42 This is what led me to a calendar full of calls with people who were ready, willing and able to make a serious investment in themselves. So what I ended up doing was I started connecting with them, reaching out, saying something like, "Hey, I noticed that you liked my post. Thanks so much. Curious, what hit home for you?" And little by little I began to have these text messages that eventually led to actual phone calls. Not only was I connecting with these people through messenger, but I was also pre-qualifying them before ever getting on the phone just to make sure I wasn’t wasting anyone’s time and that I could really help them... Over time, I realized 7 simple messages were responsible for 90% of the calls I booked. When I used these simple 7 messages with people who engaged with my content, it was almost inevitable that they’d want to talk over the phone. But don't let the simplicity fool you. This alone could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you. Here’s what you do… THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 43 Anytime someone likes, comments, or shares one of your posts… reach out to them. Yes. You. Reach. Out. To. Them. Don’t be entitled and think you’re above reaching out to them. I don’t care if it’s your closest family and friends. Just connect. You never know… Maybe they know someone who might be a great client of yours one day. But you’ll never know if you don’t reach out. Once you do... THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 44 Ask them these 7 questions to build instant connection Hey (name), I noticed you (Liked, Commented on, or Shared) my last post. What was it that hit home for you? Wait for their response. If they don’t reply within 24 hours, just follow up with a question mark “?” (Do this for all the questions if you get no response.) 1. (Transition Statement) Awesome, thanks for letting me know! Curious, what is it that you do exactly? And what are some of your (choose one: business/fitness/health) goals? Again, wait for their response. If they don’t reply within 24 hours, just follow up with a question mark “?” 2. Cool, so if you don’t mind me asking, how’s that going so far? 3. THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 45 4. What do you think might be getting in your way exactly? I see what you mean. So, let's say it's 3 months from now, where would you ideally like to be? 5. Cool, I see what you’re trying to do. I’ve actually helped a lot of people who are in your shoes. I think I have a few suggestions that could help you right now. It’s a lot to type out though. Wanna just hop on a quick call? Wait for their response. If they say no, just say “I understand. Curious though… why? Especially if it can actually help you?” If they don’t reply within 24 hours, just follow up with a question mark “?” 6. THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 38 REALLY IMPORTANT: Awesome, here’s my cell # _______. What’s yours? ( Don’t post all these questions all at the same time, obviously.) Think about meeting someone on a date. You ask them one question at a time. You don’t blurt out a million things at once. It’s very conversational. It’s the same way when connecting through direct message. And now that you’ve booked the call… it’s time for Step 3. 7. STEP 3 Begin Real Conversations THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 48 The GPS Conversation Framework that Turns Curious Prospects Into Committed Clients If your "sales calls" are uncomfortable and you've had very little luck getting your prospects to agree to work with you, the good news is if you follow the steps I've already given you, your potential clients will already be excited and enthused about possibly working with you. The better news is, once you use the conversational approach below, these calls will go a lot smoother and you'll wind up with a lot more clients too. THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 49 wanted The “sales” approach I developed was very conversational. Not only was I having a conversation, but in a sense, I was interviewing them and figuring out what was going on in their world. I truly wanted to connect with them and add value. If I realized that I could help them, I invited them to work with me, and because of my content people to work with me. And it was not the typical, "I'm going to close you so hard and get your money." There are all these tactics that are being thrown out there. You don’t need that. It was simple. Because they were so connected to me, the sale was a lot easier. It was really natural in how it happened. They just started giving me their credit card. And because of the quality and quantity of these conversations I was getting through my Magnetic Content… I began enrolling people into my programs like crazy and in 2018, I made over a million dollars organically, with no fancy funnels or ads. THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 50 Now I know a lot of people feel weird on “sales” calls. I sure did at first. It’s hard. I didn’t want to be pushy. I didn’t want my clients to feel like I pressured them into doing business with me. That kind of selling always felt very transactional and empty. And it seemed like a bad way to build valuable long-term business relationships. I didn’t even want to “sell” them. I wanted them to decide for themselves to enroll into one of my programs! If you can relate, I have GREAT NEWS. During this social media experiment, I developed the framework for having simple, completely casual conversations… And STILL turn the people I was talking to into eager clients excited to pay me. This kind of conversation works whether you’re selling a $20,000 one-on-one private event, a $5,000 group coaching program, or a $2,000 course. GPS Conversation Framework™. GPS Conversation Framework™ I call it the You might be amazed, but using this framework will lead to some of the most effortless “sales conversations” you’ve ever had. You don’t need to be sleazy, or weird, or sell hard. The has two parts: mindset and a script. With the right MINDSET, you will enter the conversation from a place of powerful ease and service. With the right SCRIPT, you can smoothly guide the conversation from the initial hello to taking payment on that call. These may look simple. Don’t underestimate the power of what I’m sharing with you here. This is the exact process that I teach my clients… and you can see the results for yourself down below. THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 51 $100,000 IN 30 DAYS $42,500 IN 16 DAYS $10,000 IN 2 WEEKS THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 55 THE GPS MINDSET Here’s the way I view the conversation… You're the GPS and the person you’re speaking to is the driver. The driver is the one in control, not you. Your goal is to take their vehicle (their business, health, relationships, etc) exactly where they want to go while making them feel like they can get their safe and sound. To do that you must have great connection… Understand their current location… And figure out their specific destination. When you have those things, THEN you can give them the right directions. Your job is to get really clear about where they are and where they want to go. You must understand what is stopping them from getting there on their own.  THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 56 Throughout the entire conversation, you must continue to establish a great connection by being of service first. Without service, the GPS is useless and the driver will feel lost, confused and overwhelmed. But if you lead with connection and service from the very beginning, they’ll trust you to guide them till the end. You have to be ethical and understand whether or not you can actually get them there. If you can, it is your duty and obligation to offer them the safest and fastest route to get there. If you can’t, then guide them to someone or something else that can. There’s nothing “salesy” about this… You’re just taking them where they want to go. THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 57 THE GPS SCRIPT Appreciate the other person. Build rapport. Casual Conversation. Call them by their first name. Get the session off on the right foot. NOTE: PART 1: Build The Connection YOU: Hey (CLIENT NAME), It’s (YOUR NAME) here, How are you feeling today? [Bring the energy] YOU: So, curious where are you located? And how is the weather out there for you? (NOTE: share where you are located and what the weather is like by you) YOU: Well, I’m glad we both found time to make it on this call.  THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 58 This is your chance to get crystal clear on where they currently are and where they want to go. The more specific, the better. Clarity is everything. NOTE: PART 2: BECOME THE GUIDE YOU: So let’s dive right in, shall we? YOU: Awesome, so my intention on the call is simple. Ideally I’d like to lay out a game plan to help you but first I’m going to ask you a couple of questions to see whether or not I can best support you. YOU: I just need you to be really honest about where you’re at and what you really want. Cool? YOU: And if by the end of this call, it’s a good fit, I’ll tell you more about my program and invite you to work with me. YOU: If it’s not a good fit...that’s totally cool, too... I can direct you to something or someone that will be a better fit for you. How’s that sound? THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 59 The purpose here is truly understand the other person. They want to feel understood, and know that they can trust you. This is where you can enter the conversation in their mind by walking in their shoes. NOTE: Make sure you go deeper. You want them to feel the emotion of their problem, not just the facts of their situation. This should take about 10 to 15 minutes. In between questions, use “Mhm”... “I see” ... “Got it” statements. Here are some guiding questions to help them dig deeper. Use phrases like “it sounds like...” or “I can feel how challenging that can be...” to have them go even deeper with these questions. You’re creating safety here. NOTE: PART 3: Discover their Current “Location” YOU: So listen (CLIENT NAME) I know we don’t know each other very well just yet. I just want you to be honest about what you’re really struggling with right now. Like what’s the biggest problem that you’re facing right now? Can you tell me what you mean by that exactly? How else is that showing up for you? What has this cost you specifically? (time, energy, attention, money, peace of mind) What do you think is causing this to happen right now...? How long have you been trying to solve this? Are other people affected by this? If so, who? THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 60 After building connection and becoming the guide while discovering their pain, transition into speaking about the future they want to experience. At this point in the conversation you are clarifying the goals and reality they want to have. Get super specific. Let them paint a picture for you. NOTE: Make sure they’re describing the details of what it looks and feels like in the future. NOTE: PART 4: Determine their Specific Destination YOU: Okay. I totally hear where you’re at (NAME). So let me ask you this. What's the #1 goal that you want to achieve in the next 90 days? YOU: Do you have a plan to get there? YOU: Why is achieving this goal SO important to you right now? YOU: And what really is motivating you to achieve that goal so bad right now? Be honest please. YOU: Okay, got it. So let’s just say it’s 90 days from now, what does it look like exactly for you to be absolutely thrilled? YOU: And how would that make you feel exactly? How else would that affect your life? YOU: So the good news is that it’s totally possible to achieve this goal...and I can tell you more about how in just a second... but let me make sure I understand you clearly, what you really want is (insert desired goal/future) is that right (NAME)? YOU: And I’m curious, what do you feel is stopping you from actually achieving that on your own right now? THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 61 PART 5: Give Them Directions YOU: So based on what you shared today, It sounds like you are struggling with (insert problem) And you want to (insert goal/desire) but the thing that has been holding you back is (insert what is holding them back). Does that sound right? YOU: So the good news is that I can definitely help you. YOU: Would you like to learn how I can help or do you want to continue doing things on your own? YOU: Awesome Less is more. All your clients care about is the result you’re going to help them achieve. Don’t talk too much about your program details. Give them enough information to feel confident to take the next step with you. Feel free to change the details of your program based on how you’re going to deliver it. Every program will slightly be different. NOTE: THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 62 YOU: So I have a 90-day program that helps people just like you (insert outcome/goal they want to gain). It’s a (insert $ amount) investment. You can pay with either a debit card or credit card. Whichever works for you. YOU: And here’s what you get with your investment YOU: Does that make sense so far? This entire program was built to help you solve (insert their BIG problem/pain) so that you could (insert their BIG Goal/Outcome), that way you could finally have (drive the benefits home, usually around time, money, freedom, energy, love or family). And I’ll be supporting you 100% of the way. How does that sound? (If they are on board immediately, make sure you collect payment WHILE YOU’RE ON THE CALL!) YOU: Awesome. How would you like to pay, with your credit card or debit card? Insert the 3 to 5 main steps or sections of your program and describe each part in one sentence. Then describe the deliverables of your program in short detail. Add any other program deliverables you might have below. Less is more. Again, they don’t care about your process, they care about the results. NOTE: THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 63 That’s how it’s done Instead of trying to sell your program, focus on solving their problem first. This is a very simple script you can use right now to guide the conversation towards working together. Real conversations will give you the best feedback for your own market research. That’s great news for you because you’ll need to figure out exactly what would be most valuable to your potential clients anyway. And you can’t solve or sell anything if you don’t know what their problem is to begin with. This is THE most important part of growing your client business that most people miss. If you skip this, you’ll only be hurting yourself and helping no one. THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 64 HERE’S ONE MORE BONUS TIP WORTH MILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO YOU Create magnetic content (step 1) and connect with everyone who engages (step 2). I call it... So far I’ve only talked about one simple strategy to have more conversations: This works great online and has been solely responsible for the majority of my client’s results. Now some of you might have some excuses in your mind right about now. You might be thinking “Yahya, I don’t have ANY kind of following. This won’t work for me.” Or maybe, “I’m afraid of creating content, I just can’t do it!” For those of you with excuses, I’m going to give you one final strategy. You can use this strategy to make $20k, $30k, even $50k a month – even with NO following and NO content. THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 65 the interview-To-Invitation Method I used this for 8 years straight to build my client business before I ever created content on social media. It’s a bit old school but still works till this day and you don’t have to spend a single dollar on ads, funnels or anything else. Here’s a little diagram to illustrate what I’m talking about. The goal is to have as many conversations as possible.  CLIENTS conversations Content Leads Contacts Interview Connect THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 66 “Hey (Name). I noticed we’re friends on FB but we don’t really know much about each other yet and would love to get to know you a bit more. How did we connect in the first place?” Don’t pitch them your services with a long ass text that comes off desperate and spammy. As I said, creating magnetic content is just one way to get clients. The other free way is to contact everyone in your existing network individually. Make it very personable like what I shared in Step 2. You can say something like, And then get to know them. That’s like asking someone to marry you on your first date because you’re horny and lonely. Build the relationship first. Business is all about relationships. This is important because we want you to tap into a network of people who already know, like and trust you. So just scroll through all of your phone contacts and friends list on social media. THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 67 The better the relationship you have with them, the more likely they’ll help you. Now to transition from what you’re talking about into asking them for the interview, say, They’ll say yes. Then say something along the lines of, They’ll say sure. Then ask them some of the questions I shared above in step 3 and truly listen to their problems and desires. Now this is where the turns into the . Think of these people as potential clients and/or potential connectors to more clients. This is how I define a lead. “Mind if I ask you a quick question that’s totally unrelated?” “So I’m in the beginning stages of creating a new program/offer/service and I’d like to interview a few people who I trust and respect. Would you be open to a quick interview?” Interview Invitation THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 68 “Based on everything that we talked about, I actually think I can help you. I know this was just an interview but do you want to keep struggling with this on your own or are you open to exploring how I can possibly help you?” Let them know that you’d be open to giving them a $500 - $1000 referral fee for every client they bring that works with you. If you can truly help them say, If you can’t help them personally, invite them to help you by asking if they know anyone in their network who could benefit from your support. If they say yes, ask if they’d mind making a text introduction. Get the referral’s contact information and follow-up. It’s worth it to give them that referral fee because that’s a client you wouldn’t have gotten without their support. So take good care of them. 100k-a-month Daily checklist THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 70 The Magnetic Content Matrix™ Post one photo or video using with a message that speaks directly to and is relatable to your ideal client. Videos usually perform better. You can do a recorded video, IG/FB stories or go LIVE. 7 Message Connection Script™ Reach out to every person who engages with you in the form of a like, comment or share and use the to get them on a call with you. Use the GPS Conversation Framework™ on the call to guide them to where they want to go. Remember, you’re just the GPS. They’re the driver. They have full control. Collect payment or… daily 60 calls per month Over the next 90 days, this will be your checklist. Your #1 goal is to have at least . That’s 15 calls per week or 3 calls per day. Whether you get these calls by creating content or reaching out to your contacts, both strategies require you to connect with them first. 100k-a-month DAILY checklist THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 71 Follow up within 24-48 hours. at least 10 people from your phone and friends list. Almost every phone number, friend request, follower, or subscriber is a potential lead. Contact them a casual text message first since the context is slightly different here because they didn’t come from your content but instead you contacted them out of the blue. Send Use the Interview-to-Invitation Method™ to build the relationship and get them on a call. Close the deal if they’re a fit or… Ask for the referral if they’re not a fit. Follow up within 24-48 hours. STEP 4 Get more clients now THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 73 You wouldn’t be reading this if you were satisfied with your current results. And the reason you haven’t hit your goals is actually quite simple... You’ve been told to do all these crazy things to grow your business: Start a podcast, start a blog, host webinars, start running ads! Build a funnel, grow your email list, optimize your website! So that’s the system. It might seem simple… but don’t underestimate it. The fastest way to reach $100k-a-month THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 74 it’s not your fault. That ends now. 3 steps you need to build a $100k a month client business. more engaging content... All these things are COMPLICATED. They’re confusing. They require a team of technical wizards and marketing masters to pull off. It’s all a bit overwhelming, right? If you’ve felt stuck, You’ve been told to focus on the wrong things in the wrong order. You can forget about all that stuff and get back to doing what you wanted in the first place... Work with great clients. Make a lot more money. Change way more lives. You now have the These three things are going to get you up and running... You’ll be able to create THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 75 more interested prospects... than you've ever experienced. you could add an extra hundred grand to your annual income a hundred grand a month The Profit Accelerator. You’ll be speaking to And you’ll have easier sales conversations I bet if you took the information in this book and applied it... in less than 90 days. But if you really want to get to , here's what I want to tell you... Over the last 12 months, my team and I have put together a step-by-step hands-on online program called The results from the clients that have signed up are incredible… $196,000 IN 2 DAYS $75,000 IN 1 WEEK $30,000 WITH 1 CLIENT THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 79 the level of support and guidance take you by the hand and guide you $100k a Month Blueprint Profit Accelerator $100k+ months one-on-one Profit Strategy Call These clients were able to achieve massive results, fast because of my team offers. Imagine having a team of experts through a step-by-step process that guarantees you implement everything that’s inside the and so much more. You’ll be able to hit your goals much faster than doing it on your own. With all the scripts, frameworks and training inside the , putting what you’ve learned into practice is easy and simple. Plus, you’ll receive personalized guidance from my head coaches and myself ensuring that you never get stuck at any point in the process or hold yourself back from reaching your goals. You’ll be able to smoothly implement everything you’ve learned above and begin achieving those very quickly. If this is something you might be interested in, I'd love to continue the conversation and invite you to schedule a with me or one of my business advisors. THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 80 You’ll walk away with your own Profit Roadmap We’ll see if we can help you right there on the call. As you know, I don't do high-pressure sales. This will just be you and one of my expert business advisors talking about your situation. We’ll basically audit your understanding of what you just read. We’ll answer any questions about how you can implement this quickly to reach your specific goals. . It’s a personalized map of exactly what YOU need to do to reach your revenue goals in the next 30-90 days. And we’ll see if maybe there's a great fit for it to be a longer term thing. In that case, we'll walk you through all the details of the Profit Accelerator, how it works, and what you can expect from it. And you'll then be free to decide for yourself if it's something you'd like to do or not. THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 81 we’ll gift you a $5000 credit to the program book a call Click the button below. There's no obligation. No pressure. And you don't have to pay for this call. In fact, to give you a better deal if you decide to join us right there on the call… but only if you’re a good fit of course. We’ll only take you on if you have an ALL-IN mindset and you’re great at what you do. If that sounds good, then the next step is to . It’s going to last around 45 minutes. Choose a time, fill out some of the questions so we can dive right in on the call. BOOK A CALL THE 100K-A-Month Blueprint PAGE 82 When it comes to time or money, time is way more valuable because you’ll never get it back. Money is easy to make when you have the right step-by-step blueprint and support system that’s backed by proven results. You can go ahead and try everything you’ve learned here by yourself, but I highly suggest you don’t. You’ll most likely waste more time because you’ll still feel overwhelmed and confused about what to say and what to do next. So wouldn’t it make sense to use this time right now to book a call so we can save you more time in the long run while you make more money within the next 90 days? The other option is... click the button below. That’s why I'm inviting you to have this casual conversation with either me or one of my business advisors. We only offer a few of these calls a week and we often get booked up pretty fast. So, go ahead and Choose a time that works for you. My team and I look forward to helping you reach $100k-a-month in less than 90 days. BOOK A CALL BOOK A CALL $178,000 IN 2 DAYS BOOK A CALL $120,000 IN 3 DAYS BOOK A CALL $100,000 IN 30 DAYS BOOK A CALL $60,000 IN 30 DAYS BOOK A CALL $90,000 IN 59 DAYS BOOK A CALL $400,000 IN 3 MONTHS WITH $0 ADVERTISING BOOK A CALL $10,416 FROM

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